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When you’re ordering online, keep in mind you do have to pay shipping costs, so that’s a few extra dollars added to your overall total during checkout. NZ’s fave sex toy for 2021 is, surprise surprise, the Satisfyer Pro 2. It’s been the top seller for the third consecutive year, closely followed by Kama by Share Satisfaction. The last few years have seen a boom of toys that match our actual needs in the bedroom and recognise the need for stimulation and not necessarily penetration. Sex toys have been around for a long time but there has been a huge shift in recent years towards an industry that has pleasure and innovation at its core. Consider who will be using the toy and what you’ll be using it for.
This small and versatile vibrator from Dame Products slides over you or your partner’s finger for optimal pleasure. With dual sensations and three speeds, the Fin vibrator is perfect for foreplay, sex or solo use. Being water-resistant, you and your partner can enjoy this pocket rocket in the shower! As stated on Dame Product’s website, the Fin is not only for females; males shouldn’t be afraid to use it too.
Few men know it and dare to practice it, but anal penetration with prostate stimulation produces orgasms, it seems, even more powerful than phallic orgasms. Women are spoilt for choice when it comes to buying female sex toys. In fact, Adulttoymegastore socks more than 10,000 different types of sex toys! While that makes for a lot of choice, often for sex toy newbies it can be difficult to know where to start…
You can use the vibrator on your partner (or vice versa). You can also find a vibrator that fits well between you and your partner that neither of you need to control, but can add stimulation during sex. However you want to do it, it’s a good idea for each of you to follow the above steps first, and get fully comfortable on your own before making it a threesome. Where once Adult Store NZ was the go-to material for a soft internal toy, silicone has taken its place as a body-safe alternative that can last a lifetime with the correct care. And of course, rechargeable options have become the norm over battery-operated products, reflecting our commitment to products that are more environmentally friendly.
Honest reviews from other users will be far more beneficial than product reviews by the manufacturer. It will also help build and maintain customer relationships, trust and an ongoing brand association. The same incentive can be printed on flyers that are sent out to customers with every purchase. To get in-depth and meaningful reviews, include topic ideas for your customers to write about and prompt them to make it as personal as possible.
Let’s not forget that a man is often quick to wonder about his own virility as soon as his partner thinks of introducing any sexual novelty! (Toxic masculinity sucks, I know) He may think that you are dissatisfied with him and will now rely solely on your sex toy to achieve orgasm. He might even view the sex toy as competition, almost like a rival … and that’s not really the goal. You have to be positive, present it to him as a stimulating experience to live together, the opportunity to spice up things, to discover new sensations. Ben Wa Balls are small, marble-sized balls that are inserted into the vagina. With regular use they’ll give your pelvic floor muscles a strong workout, resulting in tighter vaginal walls and improved control during sex.
There’s a sex toy for everyone nowadays, so there’s no better time to take the plunge. The range of choice can feel intimidating, but that just means that there’s a toy for any need – or desire. Flirt with captivating late night lingerie or feel beautiful in soft, everyday comfort from our sexy lingerie store. Whether you are single or in a relationship, acquiring a vibrator can only benefit your sex life.
It has a little cap that sits over your clitoris but doesn’t touch it. Then it shoots little bits of air onto your clitoris giving you an orgasm that damn near kills you. Using one can warm you up for the main event or be a quick climax in the shower before work. Some people find it too much and others basically never want to leave the house again – everybody is different. Use a good quality water based lubricant with this silicone sex toy.
We also stock edible undies in lots of tempting and tantalising flavours; so now you really can have your cake and eat it! We cater for those couples who like to tie themselves up in exquisite sexual knots. Fans of BDSM are guaranteed to find something new and exciting amongst our bondage and fetish products. From teasing ticklers to obedience cock cages you can indulge your fetishes whether they are soft or hard-core.
For even more fun, the bullet can be inserted into the rabbit… Using your vibrator with a partner.You can use your vibrator with your partner in any number of ways. You can control the vibe, using it on yourself to add stimulation during sex play with a partner.